Rare Albion Whatever Happened to the Wizard from Oz?


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In 1990, American economist, Hugh Rockoff, published his seminal paper, The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary Allegory (Journal of Political Economy Vol. 98 (August 1990), pp. 793-60), in which he explored the monetary meaning of Frank Baum’s famous story. Rare Albion takes this idea further, following the Wizard as he leaves in his balloon and journeys we know not where...

...until he arrives in Rare Albion, the island capital of an imagined land just beyond our normal awareness called the Federated States of Columbia. Here the Wizard reviews his former ways and resolves to make good his previous humbug...

...in Rare Albion he received the name Victor because victory over one's financial circumstances is the chief virtue of that special place. From there, Victor's Blog provides occasional commentary on business, financial and economic affairs with an imaginative thinking unusual in such matters but greatly needed.
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Title: Rare Albion Whatever Happened to the Wizard from Oz?


Categories: Social, Economical & Organisational Development,

Publisher: United Kingdom, New Economy Publications: 2005

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